Do I have to call a toll-free number, wait forever and then get a radiologist who did not interpret the study?


Absolutely not! Our unique chat feature allows you to directly consult the radiologist. In addition, you have direct access to the radiologist via phone.




Is it difficult to set up connectivity between our facility and yours?


Our portal and our PACS are very easy to connect. We have the best and friendliest IT and PACS team to walk you through the process.




We are just opening a new facility and do not want to buy a PACS because it is costly. Can you provide PACS hosting for us?


Yes! PACS can be very costly. We offer a simple solution for practices of all sizes.




Can we access your PACS anywhere on any device?


Yes. Our PACS is completely web-based and can be used on any device. You can even access it on any iOS or Android device and show the study to your patients as you are treating them.




Can our referring doctors view the images on your PACS?


Yes. We can create logins for them to view their patients’ images and reports.




We already have a PACS but need to archive the studies. Are you able to do this for us? Is it expensive?


The FDA requires any facility that acquires imaging studies to maintain permanent off-site storage of those images for at least seven years. This can often be an expensive requirement to satisfy. We offer an inexpensive option for archiving your studies that does not require any additional effort on your part.




What are the qualifications of the Radiologist?


All interpreting radiologists are board certified. Most have fellowship training.




Are you licensed in my state?


All interpreting radiologists are licensed in the states in which they perform services. Check out our map of states where we currently have a presence.




How do I start with x-ray guys?


Once you make the decision to use our services, we will provide you with the technical support to make the transition smooth.




Do I need a PACS at my location?


No, a PACS is not required to electronically link to our site.




Which modalities do x-ray guys read?


We cover all modalities: X-ray, Ultrasound, Computerized Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), mammography and Nuclear Medicine Studies.




Does x-ray guys provide second opinion reads?


Yes. We can provide a second opinion read for any case performed at any facility.




What is your typical turn-around time?


Last year (2014), our final report average TAT for urgent care centers was 17 minutes and our final report TAT for outpatient facilities was 1 hour.




Do you read cases on the weekends and holidays?


Our American Board of Radiology-certified radiologists read studies 7 days per week, 365 days per year.




What is the cost per study?


Our quotes employ a fee-per-study model. A study is based on CPT codes. For example: a three-view hand is considered one study.




How do we transmit images to your system?


Images are transmitted from your center to our facilities via a secure HIPAA-compliant connection. Our IT team will work with your team to configure a secure connection and then work with your radiology department to establish a DICOM connection. Once your technologists have processed an image, the images and all of the DICOM header information are transmitted to our system. Once the image is in our system, your technologist will log onto our website to confirm the study details and add pertinent information about the patient’s history and preliminary diagnosis. All information is transferred to the radiologist, and a report is available on-line to view, to print, or to save as an electronic file.




Do you train our staff to use your system?


We will train your staff to transmit studies to our system. Our system is very simple to use and will only take about 15 minutes to learn. Each staff member can be trained by us individually or as a group.




Do I receive a typed final report?


Yes! You choose how you will receive final reports: directly to your email/smart phone, fax, online, or through a direct HL7 interface with your EHR. You can also access previous reports by logging onto our website.




What if I need to speak to someone directly about a report?


We pride ourselves on having the best customer service in the industry! You can easily chat with the radiologist via our integrated chat box or simply pick up the phone and call us.




What if a clinician wants to speak to a radiologist about a report?


Not a problem! We are more than happy to call a referring physician or the clinician can call us.

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